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100% natural
Efficacy confirmed scientifically
Over 3 million customers

Cleanse The Body
of Accumulated Toxins, Slags and Poisons

in Just 1 Course and Starts the Process of Rapid Weight Loss!

Food supplement Dr. Parell Cleanse is a brand new detox-method based on the unique properties of psyllium:

  • Displaces all the harmful substances

    accumulated by the body over time
  • Improves metabolism and triggers

    fat-splitting processes
  • Cleanse the body

    and inner organs
  • Suppresses the activity of parasites

    that contribute to obesity
  • Reduces the risk of developing

    dangerous diseases, early aging and death
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If you have not used Dr. Parell Cleanse yet, you’re probably unaware of exactly how many dangerous toxins and poisons are in your body right now

And you’re probably not aware that toxins can inhibit the weight loss process.

As recent discoveries in the field of therapeutics and human health have shown, accumulated slags, toxins, heavy metals, poisons and parasites account for up to 87% of body dysfunctions. And there are many deadly diseases among that percentage. In addition, toxins disrupt metabolic processes – as a result they contribute to the deposition of fat stores.

Dr.Parel Cleanse is the first natural solution created to cleanse the body of all kinds of toxins, slags, poisons, heavy metal salts and parasites for treatment at home.

According to the results of expert studies, Dr.Parel Cleanse is able to remove up to 99.6% of all toxins in the body (more than 200 varieties!) and has 97% effectiveness in combating obesity. Dr.Parel Cleanse helps even when other ways of losing weight have failed.

Basic Effects of Dr. Parell Cleanse

  • Removes more than 200 different substances and microorganisms that damage the body

  • Improves the functioning of the intestines, kidneys and liver

  • Normalises blood circulation, viscosity and the quality of blood

  • Restores healthy metabolism, increases the rate of fission of fats

  • Normalises the appetite

  • Inhibits the oxidation of organic compounds (so prevents early aging)

  • Activates cell metabolism, restoring normal cell vital activity

  • Normalises the work of internal organs

  • Provides the body with all the necessary vitamins and microelements

  • Strengthens immunity

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Easy to Use –
Maximum Result

  • Take 1 capsule 3 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal
  • Repeat daily throughout the course
  • Take for the full course

A full course for cleaning the body of all harmful substances is only 2-4 weeks (depending on the body’s contamination status)

As a rule, the first results are noticeable within 2-3 days after starting to take Dr.Parel Cleanse.You will feel much better, you will have more strength and energy, you will sleep better and your weight will gradually decrease.

As the whole course progresses, the work of your internal systems and organs will be renewed, the condition of the skin, hair and nails will improve, acne and rashes will disappear, and your immunity will increase.

If you combine the taking of Dr.Parel Cleanse with any diet, then the weight loss effectiveness increases by 100-300%. With Dr.Parel Cleanse you will not only be healthier, but also noticeably more svelte.

In addition, Dr.Parel Cleanse increases the effectiveness of treating virtually any dysfunctions.

Why these toxins are so dangerous for your health and figure?

Toxins are all the substances that accumulate and poison the human body from within. They come from production by the body itself (as a result of various malfunctions), and also come in from the outside. At certain concentrations, toxins along with slags, salts of heavy metals, bacteria and cellular parasites disrupt the work of your internal organs and cause a number of serious dysfunctions.

In addition, toxins slow down the cell metabolic rate leading to a decrease in the production of the enzymes and hormones necessary for the breakdown of fats, which then causes obesity.

Dr.Parel Cleanse cleanses the body of toxins and normalises metabolic processes, as well as the work of all internal systems and organs. As a result, the body itself begins to "fight" with ailments and excess weight. A person becomes slimmer, looks younger and feels healthier.

Detailed compositionof Dr. Parell Cleanse

  • Chlorella
    Absorbs most of the toxic substances, lowers cholesterol, increases immunity, and effectively fights infections.
  • Aloe vera
    Facilitates rejuvenation and energy supply, and has a wide range of positive effects on the human body.
  • Dandelion extract
    Promotes normalisation of microflora, cleanses liver and kidney cells and eliminates internal swelling.
  • Buds of clove tree
    Eliminate pathogenic microflora and decay products of medicines (including antibiotics). They have strong anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant properties.
  • Pepper and garlic extract
    Eliminate parasites, destroy pathogenic viruses, fungi and bacteria, improve the functioning of the liver, kidneys, heart, and urogenital system.

Detailed compositionof Dr. Parell Cleanse

  • Psillium
    Absorbs toxins, poisons, salts of heavy metals, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • Alfalfa
    Improves digestion, protects the body from infections, restores metabolism, neutralises allergens, purifies blood and prevents the development of tumour processes.
  • Citrus Pectin
    Delicately cleanses the digestive tract, kidneys, liver, as well as all other internal organs from slags and salts of heavy metals.
  • Fennel
    Recovers organs damaged by toxins and poisons, normalises internal processes.
  • Licorice extract
    It removes harmful substances from blood and lymph, helps restore skin and hair and prevents the development of various dysfunctions.
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Nutritionist's opinion on Dr. Parell Cleanse

Recently, people often ask me whether it is really necessary to cleanse the harmful substances accumulated in the body over time. Yes! Moreover – this is vital! And if you have never cleansed, then it’s 100% certain that your body is heavily contaminated. And while you’re delaying such cleaning, the toxins and poisons accumulated in you, undermine your health, gradually worsen the condition of your organs, and provoke the development of dangerous diseases and excess weight.

Dr. Parell Cleanse is good, because along with its completely natural composition, it is also highly efficient at fighting nearly all harmful substances that can settle inside the human body. The ingredients included in the Dr.Parel Cleanse also support internal organs, improve the quality of blood and lymph systems, and normalise the body’s internal processes. I recommend Dr.Parel Cleanse to all people without exception and especially to those who want to lose weight. Often the presence of toxins is the very reason why excess weight does not go away – this is proven by science.”

Michael Barnett,
dietician, sports nutritionist, coach for a healthy lifestyle
Our Customers Say
  • Synthia, 41 y.o.
    I even feel younger. In fact, I lost about 8 kg from my normal weight
    “I was frequently suffering from poor health and drowsiness. I got tired easily and quickly. I couldn’t tell what was happening to me, and the doctors couldn’t either – all the tests they ran came out with nothing. I was told I was fine, but I didn’t feel so. Recently, I was fond of Ayurveda and I decided to cleanse myself of toxins. One of the ways I chose was Dr. Parell Cleanse, because it is certified and produced in Europe. As a result, the first week after I started my cleansing process, I began to feel much better. Now, 2 months on, I feel very fine. I even feel younger. In fact, I lost 8kg of my normal weight. I am beginning to look trim. I recommend it to anyone looking to clean out toxins. It’s really amazing and you can feel it working straight away.”
  • Linda, 57 y.o.
    Now I weigh 24 (!) kg less than six months ago. Health and immunity improved.
    “I was advised by a friend to go through the cleaning. She had told me she underwent one and after it, she literally flew and she was on top of everything. Frankly, I thought she was exaggerating - she likes to embellish everything. But I was shocked to discover everything she said was true. After cleaning, you feel brand new, free of any burden. My feeling, mood and activity all improved and I just wanted to live and fly. I have now included the cleaning in my to-do list and I will undergo it periodically. You only have to go through it once to understand how much your body requires it.”
  • Martha, 28 y.o.
    After cleaning, you really feel like a new person, free of any burden.
    “I tried a lot of times to lose weight but I never seemed to be successful. Recently, I found Dr. Parell Cleanse, and that was because I have never cleaned out toxins all my life, and it felt reasonable to assume there were a lot of them in my body. And it turned out to be true. Once I was done cleaning, all the weight disappeared right before my eyes. I now weigh 24 kg less than I was six months ago! My health and immunity improved and I feel and look years younger. Dr. Parell Cleanse is amazingly effective for losing weight. Thank you so much!”
  • Victor, 62 y.o.
    I had cleaning a couple of times by traditional remedies, but Dr.Parel Cleanse helps much better and faster
    “A cheap but effective solution. Until this time, I had cleaned a couple of times using traditional methods, but Dr. Parell Cleanse is by far the best and fastest method I have tried. In addition, there is no need to prepare or collect anything. Everything has been collected and carefully balanced out before use. Once you try it, you will understand what I am talking about. You will notice your weight will keep dropping if you felt heavier than normal. Among all the products in the market today, Dr. Parell Cleanse is in a class of its own and I recommend it to everyone - it is one of the best solutions available.”

Additional Benefits
of Dr. Parell Cleanse

  • Complex cleansing – one solution for eliminating all unwanted and harmful toxins

  • Prolonged action – prevents re-contamination for several months

  • Total automatic slimming (increased effectiveness in combination with diet)

  • Completely natural and safe components

  • Ingredients reinforce each other's actions

  • A fully certified product with scientifically proven efficacy

  • Recommended by leading toxicology experts and nutritionists

  • Affordable price

While you keep stalling, toxins, slags, heavy metal salts, parasites and poisons ruin your body further and promote the excess weight!
Cleanse your body of them and you’ll eliminate one of the main obstacles you face to gaining a healthy body with a slim figure!

Over 3 millions of customers worldwide already tried Dr.Parell Cleanse.

Now it’s your turn!
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    Purchased this week:

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